Event: Golf  Tournament

Steps to Success:

Pre-Tournament – Send invitations about three months ahead of time.  The invitations should state the date, time and place.   Following up with the invitees by phone or in person should indicate the interest level and help to formulate an estimate of the number of attendees.   In order to build some excitement, you will want to send some pre-tournament promotional items out to the invitees.  A golf umbrella or a divot tool would be appropriate in preparation for the event.  Of course, they will need a shirt for the day, with moisture-wicking properties so no one sees them sweating out their next shot on the green.  You might also consider ordering signs or banners that you can display locally to promote the event.

Tournament Gift Bags - Gift Bags should be given out before play begins.  Choose a quality tote to hold the items they can use during the tournament, such as a sports bottle, golf towel, balls, tees and divot repair tools.  Also, include a product they will uses again and again, like a golf-themed pen.  The tote will be used many times afterwards, reminding players of the good time sponsored by your company.

Raffle for Charity – Here’s a chance for you to show some goodwill in more ways than one, by holding a raffle for charity at the event.  Decide on an amount per ticket and supply a unique item, that the players would appreciate winning.

Awards – When it comes to awards at the end of the day, don’t give only one.  There can be many awards given out to the attendees for all kinds of achievements, such as Longest Putt, Longest Drive, Overall Best Golfer.