Event: Employee Wellness Program

Steps to Success:

The Big Kick-Off – Make the announcement at a company meeting.  Inform the employees of the specific elements of the program.  Give out some relevant promotional items to gear everyone up to invest more in their health.  Start with a journal in which people can keep track of how they are doing with targeted goals, such as lowering blood pressure and calorie intake, as well as getting more exercise.   You want to be sure employees are safe to and from work also, so hand out a first aid/emergency kit they can keep in their cars.  If you are beginning the program with the New Year, provide a cold and flu kit so they can survive the season better.

Weight - Every wellness program should include exercise and weight-loss incentives.  To help with weight loss routines, consider giving out items like jump ropes, pedometers and water bottles to keep exercisers hydrated.

Smoking – Another important element should be help for people who want to quit smoking.  Give participants smoking cessation seminars and dental-care kits to maintain their new minty-fresh breath.

Milestone – Have prizes for milestones.  A high quality, rolling duffel bag would be great to take to the gym and would be a welcome gift for people who lose 50 pounds or more.  Those who quit smoking could benefit from a more upscale form of stress relief, such as steel ball chimes.  An Employee Wellness Program can be a Lifesaver and help to get individuals, off to a healthy start enjoying the rest of their lives.